Joe Relaxo Challenge

The Race

January 24, 2020 | 7:00PM
Join us for the 2nd Annual Joe Relaxo Challenge at the Community Maritime Park.
Are you ready to take on the challenge of running for 24 hours? Let’s go! The challenge is you have a run 1 mile every 30 minutes.
Don’t think this is a task to go solo on? No worries, we have a team option. Grab your running buddy and sign up for the 2-person team.
Bring out your family & friends and create a tailgate at the race venue. Have them run by your side for the harder miles or cheer you on at the start/finish line.
Food and hydration will be provided to participants.
Challenge Rules:
– Race Start Time: 7 pm
– Mandatory Start time for all participants
– Run/Walk 1 Mile every 30 minutes
– Must start and finish within a 30-minute segment
i.e.   Participant can start Mile 2 anytime after 7:30 pm but must finish by 8 pm
     –  The participant can start Mile 3 anytime after 8 pm but must finish by 8:30 pm
     –  And so on for 24 hours
– If a participant misses one of the mile finish times based on official race timer then they will be disqualified – no exceptions.
– Participants are not allowed to “bank” miles within one 30 minute segment.
– 2-person teams will have one race bib that you will exchange, how you wish to run it as a team is up to you as long as the bib is on either you or your teammate. *must follow the above rules for the duration of the challenge